Al-Kafeel Scouts Association holds developmental, ideological and moral lectures within its comprehensive development program.

Al-Kafeel Scouts Association of the Childhood Division at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, has devoted lectures in human development, beliefs and ethics within its second comprehensive development program for the scouts of 13 to 15 years old, because of the importance of the formation and preparations of this category.

Mr. Sarmad Salem, Director of the Division of Childhood and Youth briefed us on these lectures, saying: "The program started with the beginning of the summer vacation, in order to invest it in the optimal way. It included a number of activities including these lectures hosted by the halls of al-'Ameed University with the participation of 200 Scouts for four days, by three hours divided into two parts. The lectures included a number of key topics, such as planning for life, beliefs, proof of existence, divine justice, prophecy, imamate and the promised day. In the field of education, it included the good work, how to get rid of sins, and the impact of ethics on the life of the person. A number of teachers and Sheikhs have participated to present these lectures, each according to his speciality."

It is worth noting that the comprehensive summer development program, in its second modified version, is a program characterized by a combination of courses, workshops and specialized qualitative lectures in the various sciences, knowledge, arts and theoretical and applied skills in general and specialized aspects that raise the level of the participating groups, improve their talents and increase their intellectual fortitude.
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