Within the Religious Activities of the Holy Shrine During Mid-Shaban Visit

Department of Religious Affair in Al Abbas Holy Shrine Holds Many Activities to the Visitors

One Pulpit in the Courtyard
Department of Religious Affairs in Al Abbas Holy Shrine set a curriculum for the Mid-Shaban Visitation including many activities and tasks that would serve visitors.

This comes in order to keep religious preaching of the fundamentals of the holy Shrine presented to the Visitors commemorating the Mid-Shaban Visitation.

Among the works of the department, Sheik Salah Khafaji talked to Alkafeel net: the department do more than 30 tasks in ordinary days, but during the days of the Mid-Shaban visitation, work is to be more fitting this great occasion.

Adding: many poster have been printed and distributed on visitors to guide and help them answer all their religious and cultural questions and to preach them with the most important tasks.

As usual, many pulpits are installed in the holy shrine to preach and to answer all the queations of the visitors about the visits and other questions.
It is worth mentioning that the Mid-Shaban Visitation is the second largest visitation after the Arbaeen visit which is on Safar 20.
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