Department of Security Puts a Plan to Protect Visitors

Works of Department
In order to keep the security and the safety of the visitors of the Mid-Shaban Visitation, chairman of the security department declared to Alkafeel net that the department puts a new security plan in coordination with Security in Imam Hussein holy Shrine.

About the preparations of the department he clarified: we have many meeting as the visitation becoming soon. Out meetings are with the local government of the Holy City of Karbala and with the service department and security department in the city. Security works are distributed on the holy shrines and the departments of the local government of the province of the holy Krabala.

Added "the staff of the department and the volunteers from other departments distribute on the check points lead to the holy shrine. We gained the lesson from the former years to provide best services for visitors. There is collaboration with communication department to use cameras. We are using wireless devices to communicate with each other's".

Explained "Explosive detection staff has been increased and provided with advanced devices to be used near the check points."

It is well to be mentioned that Mid-Shaban visitation considers the second largest visitation in the holy shrines of Karbala.

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