Within a Program Prepared by the Public Relations Department at Al Abbas Holy Shrine, High-Level Delegation to Visit Iraq's Northern Provinces

Entrenching the Principle of National Unity: A Delegation from Al Abbas Holy Shrine Visiting the Province of Diyala

In its continuing efforts to strengthen friendship and love between Iraqi society on one hand, and the holy shrines of the holy city of Karbala on the other hand, a high-level delegation from Al Abbas Holy Shrine visited the province of Diyala on 17 Sha’ban 1433 - July 9, 2012. The delegation included a number of heads of departments.

The delegation started the visit to meet representatives of Shiite and Sunni Endowments, and a group of figures and heads and members of the tribes in the province as well as police chief in Diyala brigadier-general, Jamil Kamel Abdallah al-Shammari. The delegation had a look at their sources of living and listened to a number of their legitimate demands. The meeting witnessed talks in a number of important issues relating to the Iraqi situation, as well as ways to improve the country.

On the nature of this tour and the program prepared by the Department of Relations in Al Abbas Holy Shrine coordinator of the delegation and the supervisor on this program declared Mr. Majid Kazim to Alkafeel network "it is a program specialized to visit the heads of the tribes in the northern provinces (Diyala – Ta’mim - Sulaimaniyah - Erbil - Mosul) in application of the methodology followed by the Holy Shrine in openness and communication with all layers of Iraqi society, and to confirm that the holy sites in Karbala are interested in all governorates of Iraq from the south to the north, not only in the nearby provinces, for these holy sites are religious and cultural fountains for all citizens.

Stating "our first stop was the province of Diyala, for it is considered a small Iraq.our meeting was successful and fruitful in strengthening brotherhood among its people and that the delegation included representatives of the Department of Religious Counseling and Guidance and department Husseini ceremonies and processions and the Department of intellectual and cultural Affairs, , and Division of custodians ".

For his part, the director of the Sunni Endowment in Diyala province, Mr. Omar Ali, states: "We appreciate the move by Al Abbas holy Shrine to increase unity among the people of this province. This message is directed not only to the people of Diyala province only, but to all the Iraqis because we are one country”.

The Associate Director of the Shiite Endowment in the province of Diyala Haj Salam Hisham Abdel-Mahdi said that "the holy shrines of Karbala is the forerunner to communicate with all the people of the provinces of Iraq, as it is the real supporter not for the people of Diyala province only but for all the people of Iraq. We found this communication with colleges and departments and to visit families of the wounded and the martyrs, but what we found in this meeting has its privacy that the attendance did not represent the one sect, but to maintain all of its communities and sects
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