Concluding the research sessions of the first scientific conference on the Prophet's noble biography.

The first scientific conference on the Prophet's noble biography concluded the work of its research sessions on the afternoon of Friday the 5th of Dhu al-Hijjah 1439 AH, corresponding to August 17, 2018 in the presence and participation of researchers from inside and outside Iraq.

The first session of the conference was held this morning, about the axis of historical and oriental studies, headed by Dr. Nael Hanoun Aliwi and Dr. Haider Ghazi Al Moussawi as a Rapporteur. Ten research papers were presented; seven in Arabic and three in English as follows:

1 - Prophetic predictions in the books of epics and tribulations and their guidance dimensions - of the researcher Prof. Dr. Noureddine Boulahia / Algeria.

2 - Mohammad (Allah's prayers be upon him and upon his holy Household) in medieval European literature - the researcher. Dr. Abbas Abdul Sattar al-Zahawi / Iraq.

3- The Biography of the Prophet in the Samaritan Manuscript: The book of history arrangement of the late Sheikh Ibn Abi El Fath Abi El Hassan as a model - of the researcher Dr. Nihad Hassan Haji Al-Shammari / Iraq.

4 - The objective positions in the Orientalist studies of the Prophet's biography - the researcher. Dr. Khamis Gharbi Hussein and researcher Dr. Hala Mohammed Abu Hamdan / Iraq and Lebanon.

5 - Contributions and efforts of Kurdish scientists in the service of the biography of the Prophet - to researcher Dr. Sardar Rashid Binguini / Iraq.

6 - Biography of the Holy Prophet (Allah's prayers be upon him and upon his holy Household) by the Orientalists between the fair and the hateful - the researcher. Dr. Kamran Orhman Majid / Iraq.

7 - The position of orientalists from the biography of the Prophet in the royal era (critical study) - the researcher. Dr. Abdul Basit Abdul Karim Aldogma, and researcher Dr. Rehab Nazeer Mahmoud Al-Saffar, and researcher Dr. Maha Ghanem Sharaf Al Nuaimi / Iraq.

The evening session, which was about the axis of educational and social studies and the axis of political and economic studies, was chaired by Dr. Ismail Al-Jabri / Iraq and Dr. Sadiq Abbis Al-Shafei as a rapporteur. The summaries of seven researches were read as follows:

1 - Evaluation of the reality of the Prophet's biography in the books of Islamic education for the fourth, fifth and sixth primary grade - of the researcher. Najm Abdullah Ghali Moussawi PhD from the Faculty of Education for Human Sciences - University of Basra / Iraq.

2 - Economic aspects in the time of the Prophet (Allah's prayers be upon him and upon his holy Household) Sales model - of the researcher. Suhaila Mezban Hassan PhD, Philosophy of History, Department of History, University of Baghdad, Iraq.

3 - Childhood in the light of the Prophet's biography - of the researcher. Haidar Taqi al-'Allaq and the researcher Mohammed Fahd al-Qaisi / Iraq.

4- The other in the light of the Prophet's biography - of the researcher Taha Hameed Huraish Al-Fahdawi, PhD in Sharia in the Great Imam's College, and the researcher Sheikh Ibrahim Taher Al-Barzanji, MA in Islamic Jurisprudence, Iraq.

5 - The Prophet's educational discourse and its manifestations in the Sunnah of the Prophet - of the researcher Amer Abdul Zaid Al-Wali PhD in Islamic Intermediate Philosophy - Christianity / Iraq.

6 - Building a value system for the moral and educational foundations according to the Prophet's Hadith - of the researcher. Hatem Jassim Aziz, PhD in Education and Psychology, University of Baghdad, Faculty of Education (Ibn Rushd), and the researcher Maryam Khalid Mahdi PhD in Philosophy of Arabic Language Teaching Methods, Diyala University, College of Basic Education, Iraq.

7- Lady Khadija Bint Khuwailid's money and its economic effects in the life of the Prophet (Allah's prayers be upon him and upon his holy Household) - of the research Azar Abd al-Kadhem Ismail / Iraq / BA in History / University of Qadisiyah - Faculty of Education, and MA in History of Islamic Civilization / Faculty of Science and Knowledge / University of Mustafa International.
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