The relief committee of the office of Sayed al-Sistani sends a convoy of assistance to the people of the villages of Hamrin basin

The relief committee of the office of Sayed al-Sistani is still extending its hand and continuing to provide its support to all those in need in most of the governorates of Iraq since the first moments of the fatwa of the supreme religious authority to defend Iraq and its sanctities, being the balm for the wound of the displaced by contributing to alleviate their burden and help them overcome their plight. And after the victory of Iraq, the committee continues its humanitarian work to provide its assistance, this time for the people of the villages of Hamrin basin located on the side of the Na'imah road up to the borders of the Mteibeja area, where the tribes of Shammar, 'Azzah and 'Abeed live.

The head of the committee, Sayed. Shahid al-Moussawi, briefed us on this station by saying: "After receiving the call of distress at the office of the supreme religious authority Sayed al-Sistani, our committee went to these villages taking some relief aid to give it to its people who started to return home after being freed from the clutches of the terrorist ISIL gangs. And this is what we have been working on since the beginning of the displacement movement, whether after receiving a distress call or not. We have a time and space that we follow to distribute the aid, and we are continuing our work until the last displaced person returns to his home. "

He added: "The aid included 2000 food baskets containing eight of the essential food items, in addition to (2,500) pieces of clothing for children, which were distributed by the staff of the Committee to the returning families, who suffer from difficult humanitarian conditions. The distribution was conducted in coordination with the brigade (21) a popular mobilization."

Sayed. Shahid said: "The joy of the people was visible on their faces and through the words of thanks and praise for the supreme religious authority, because it did not forget them when they were forgotten by all. The delegation of the office of the religious authority visited them and asked about their condition, and they were so pleased with this visit."
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