The targeting that happened is an act of sabotage aimed at destroying the military infrastructure of the squad and weakening its strength.

The supervisor of the al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad; Mr. Maitham al-Zaidi, has stated that the targeting was done by an act of sabotage aimed at destroying its military infrastructure and weakening this force that has an active role, whether militarily or nationally.

These were his words during a press conference held by the leadership of the squad in the place of explosion of the squad's equipment in the Wanad area Monday morning the 8th of Dhu al-Hijjah 1439 AH corresponding to August 20, 2018 in the presence of a large number of media.

Al-Zaidi pointed to several points, the most important of which:

- The incident is part of a series of incidents and bombings targeted ammunition and weapons stores belonging to the popular mobilization formations, most recently the al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad, which ammunition and weapons stores were targeted.

- In less than a month, the al-Abbas's (p) Squad was targeted four times, and the fourth target was last Friday to a fake container of three packs of light ammunition that we took out and we were monitoring the issue of targeting for investigative purposes.

- In our investigations, we have achieved good results.

- We hope that the satellite channels to investigate the accuracy of information that they broadcast and to not exaggerate in such matters, the country does not need now to shed more blood and more tension.

- The ammunition store is located outside the city and not in a residential area and has no regular residential complexes.

We have called on the official bodies to provide the ammunition stores, and these official bodies apologized for their provision, so we had to put the pressure of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine to compensate and provided these stores. And as you notice, the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine also bears the damages like the civilians because of this targeting.

- We had an expectation that the al-Abbas's (p) Squad will be targeted.

- Before the incident, we have taken many measures, including changing the sites of heavy and strategic weapons on which we rely so much.

- The warehouse that was detonated, has a self-extinguishing system.

- The squad did not rush to charge any party, and we asked the government and the security and military forces to form committees to investigate the causes of the incident, in addition to the committee of the al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad to be more professional, neutral and practical.

- The investigative committees came from the Joint Operations Command and found out that the targeting that took place is an act of sabotage.

- The objective of targeting the al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad is to destroy its military infrastructure and weaken this force, which has an active role, whether military or nationally.

- The squad contributed actively to establish the foundations of peaceful coexistence between the people of this homeland and defended all of its citizens within the Iraqi and national title, and as a result it became a target of the enemy.

- We confirm that we did not accuse any party, we did not rush to accuse any party and will not rush to accuse any party, and we will give the official institutions the initiative to give the information because it is the entity that determines.

- The available information and evidence are not to be brought to the media, but we provided it to the joint operations that determine the interest in highlighting any of them and the interest or not to show any of them to the media.

- The squad called on the Iraqi government and the Ministry of Defense as well as the popular mobilization body to compensate for the military losses resulting of this bombing.

- The security file is not fully done, and needs to make extraordinary efforts, whether intelligence or security efforts in order to pursue the safe havens of the enemy, as he is now in constant activity and we are watching this.

- We demand the Air Defense Command to monitor the atmosphere accurately, especially as we have a concern from the unfriendly and unknown flying movement.

- We do not know the reason for the intensity of UAV flying in the atmosphere of the holy provinces of Karbala and Najaf, and we wish the commander-in-chief of the armed forces and military security leaders to give this matter special importance.

- Iraq needs strong support for UAV flying and controlling the sky of Iraq in terms of this threat, which I think is a serious threat.

- A series of targeting was focused on the al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad and perhaps they are not yet finished.

- There is a serious security challenge looming on the horizon and these are the introductions, the security forces must be on standby and prepare for this security challenge.

- The Abbas's (p) fighting squad is ready to enter into any battle, today all of our forces are stationed in liberated districts.

- The al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine was and will remain, God willing, the support of the al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad. This oppressed squd that is still suffering from injustice and lack of rights, so the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine had to address and find solutions, although this is not one of its responsibilities.

- The al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has stopped (60%) of its projects in order to support the al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad.

- We have a good relationship with the command of joint operations, and it was the first authority to contact us to check on the situation of the squad, and it also sent field and professional teams to detect the circumstances of this incident and we count on them a lot.

- The command of joint operations is the safety valve for military operations, and we must abide by its directives and procedures and any movement should be made through it. And this action preserves the security of our country as there should not be multiple commands on the security side.

- The leadership of operations of the Middle Euphrates and the police leadership of Karbala have played a key and important role in supporting the squad and made good efforts in controlling the remaining part of the fires.

- The best and most professional committee that has reached these sites is the Military Engineering Committee of the Ministry of Defense.

The Directorate of Civil Defense had a prominent role in controlling the fire caused by the explosion. They did an extraordinary job and assumed great responsibilities, since these fires were of another kind. There was also the role of the brigade of Ali al-Akbar (peace be upon him) and its commanders and fighters who attended this incident to also support the squad during the explosion. There was also the formation of the squad of Imam Ali (peace be upon him), which also helped and supported the al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad, making a nice gesture by donating five tons of equipment and ammunitions to the squad.
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