The book fair at Al Abbas Holy Shrine witnesses large turnout of visitors every day especially on the days of visits and visits on Thursday and Friday

Permanent Book Fair in AlAbbas Holy Shrine: a tributary to spread knowledge in society

Permanent Book Fair
Long ago it was said (the place is by the one who dwells it), so how it would be if the place is attributed to one of the greatest men in Islam, Abul Fadl Al Abbas, peace be upon him.

Al Abbas Holy Shrine, after the fall of the former Saddamic regime on April 9, 2003 and receiving the new legitimate administration became the source of intellectual and cultural radiation. The holy shrine experienced many works in all areas of urban, intellectual, and service.

Among the things that were on the priorities is to spread the thought the Holy Household of Prophet Mohammad in various fields of society. Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs is to adopt this task, and among other activities of the Department is to establish the Book Fair, inside the Holy Shrine, which is witnessing a great demand and competing with a continuous crowds on weekdays and at all times.

This exhibition contains many of the titles of books and booklets, various in form and content are shared by the scientific, cultural, and religious instruction in addition to magazines and stories for children.

Some of these titles were produced by the divisions and units of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs, including the cultural series, including the Sada Al Rawdatain (echo of the two holy shrines), (the first version of the holy shrines), the official issue of Al Abbas Holy Shrine in addition to many other topics.
The other titles, to be accurately displayed in the exhibition, they all should be examined carefully addresses to be a source of intellectual thought.

The exhibition also contains other products as CDs, which are the product of the photography and editing unit in the same department in addition to the Holy Quran and religious lectures, in addition to printed images technically on glasses, plates, stone and crystal and other things as wooden planks and watches, in addition to paintings.
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