Within a program prepared by the department of in Al Abbas Holy Shrine, a delegation visits the northern provinces of Iraq

Showing Sectarian Failure: A Delegation from Al Abbaas Holy Shrine Visit Tamim Province

A delegation from the Al Abbas Holy Shrine visited Tamim province on 17 Shaban, 1433 – Jul. 9, 2012. The delegation included many heads of the departments of the holy shrine and some heads of the tribes.
The meeting was attended by the representative of the religious Authority in the province, Sayed Mhsin Al Batat, and the director of the Tribes department of the Ministry of Interior, Colonel, Abdul Karim Jwamir. The delegation passed the greetings of the two holy shrines.

The meeting began with a statement of the delegation delivered by Sheik Salah Khafaji showing the role of the tribes to build the structure of the Iraqi society. It is an active role that cannot be neglected.

Explaining: our coming to this province is an evidence of care and significance that is special for this province by the holy shrines of the holy city of Karbala.
“The Holy Shirnes of Karbala and other holy shirnes became a centre of intellectual awareness and turned to be the meeting point among all the people of Iraq, not only for one sect and not for the other, because imam Hussein is an extent of the Message if his grandfather, Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

For his part, sayed Muhsin Al Batat explained: this visit is of the significant visits done by Al Abbas Holy Shrine to Tamim province because this province needs such visits to strengthen the relation between the holy sites of Karbala and the people of the province, and to show unity among, Shiites, Sunnis and Kurdish people.

The director of the department of tribes said: the role of the holy shrines and the religious men is a leading role to spread love and peace among people. This meeting is but a message of unity among sects of Iraq and the necessity of unity among them.
The figures of the tribes of the city also appreciated the visit describing it as having great impact in strengthening the unity among the sects of the country.
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