Within a program prepared by the department of in Al Abbas Holy Shrine, a delegation visits the northern provinces of Iraq

Delegation from al Abbas Holy Shrine in Sulaymania

Monday 18 Shaban 1433- 9 of July 2012 delegation from the holy shrine of Abu al Fadl al Abbas visited Sayed Ahmad Reda Barzanchi, the chairman of Mosa and Isa holy site, in Sulaymania. Mosa and Isa from grandsons of al imam al Kazem, AS.

One of the delegation, the chairman of Husseini processions, Sayed Hashim al Musawi, announced to Alkafeel "The great love to Ahl al Bayt, AS, cannot stop in specific place, it spreads in all places all the time. The aim of our delegation is reviving relations with our great tribes in the north and this is the aim of the general secretaries of the holy shrines. The holy shrines make good relationships with all parts of Iraq whether in the northern parts or the southern".

The holy shrine delegation asked Sayed Barzanchi and the members of his clan to come to Karbala and share visitation. They promised him to provide them aid to be in Karbala visitations.
Sayed Barzanchi welcomed the delegation saying "We are so happy for this great visit done by al Abbas holy shrine to revive our relationships. The great effort the holy shrine uses shows the advanced level reached".

Added "Our people in Sulymania, especially in this town so happy for the great role that Hawza plays with all people. People here asked me to ask the holy shrines of Karbala to establish a religious school for providing religious information".
Sayed Reda took a tour with the holy shrine delegation to Mosa and Isa holy shrine, where information provided about their life.

At the end of the visit, the members of the holy shrine delegation provided associates of the site with presents.
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