Within a program prepared by the department of in Al Abbas Holy Shrine, a delegation visits the northern provinces of Iraq

For the first time in North Iraq: Al Abbas Holy Shrine Delegation Visits Qadriyah Sect

Within his visit to Sulaimanyah, delegation of the holy shrine met Tue, 19, Shaban 1433 – Jul. 10, 2012 a group of Sheiks of the Qadriyah Sect.
Head of the Department of Religious Guidance explained: the purpose of the visit is to communicate with all the sects of the Iraqi people, for it is the way of the Ahlulbayt AS, and the holy shrines are the natural extent of them, and also to strengthen the unity among the Iraqi people.

He also explained: after the fall of the former regime that changed the holy shrines turning them to be centers of torture, they became religious and cultural establishments inspired by the Ahlulbayt to be a courtyard for all the Iraqi people.

He also clarified: the cause of our coming is that we both have some common things for, the Qadriyah also suffered the same torture faced by the followers of the Ahlulbayt AS.
Chief of the Qyadriyah Sect assured the significance of the development of cooperation among all the sects of Iraqi people.

He also explained: these visits done by Al Abbas Holy Shrine have great impact in communication and coordination among the Iraqi people, and also these visits can achieve the aims that serve the Ahlulbayt via communication among Iraqi people.
The meeting included reciting some religious hymns for the love of the prophet and his holy purified infallible household.
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