Important: The Supreme Religious Authority commissioned Sayed al-Safi to go to Basra accompanied by experts to diagnose the problem and find quick and immediate solutions.

The Supreme Religious Authority in Najaf commissioned a delegation headed by the its representative; the senior official of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; Sayed Ahmad al-Safi accompanied by experts to perform a visit to the province of Basra, to help its people, to diagnose the problem and to find quick and immediate solutions to the salinity and pollution of the water. The delegation stated that it will not come back until its finds the problem's root and find ways to solve it fully.

The supreme religious authority has criticized in a previous speech of Friday prayer the process of remedying the crisis of water pollution in Basra, stressing that the competent authorities are good only in blaming each other. Noting that informed sources in Basra stated that the polluted water of the province has poisoned hundreds of the population who have filled the hospitals of the province in the last days.
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