Husseini Center for Studying of London to Hold Cultural Seminar in Sulaymanya

The delegation of al Abbas holy shrine shared the cultural meeting that has been held by Husseini Center for Studying in Sulaymania. The seminar was under the framework known as (Sulaimania is the meeting place for cultures, holds the knowledge encyclopedia), on 11 of July 2012.

The meeting attended by religious men, writers and others, where Dr. Naseer al Khazragy representative of the center showed the literary and historical aspects of the encyclopedia which had been written by Dr. Sheik Mohammed Sadiq al Kurbasi.

Sheik Salah al Khafajy, the chairman of religious department in the holy shrine read the speech of the holy shrine. He showed the great role that al imam al Hussein plays and the services provides to people. Saying serving path and the followers of al imam al Hussein is a great work one will be reward in hereafter.

Al Khafajy showed the advanced levels that the holy shrines reached and the great efforts present to serve humanity.
The poet, Abd al Azeez from Algeria read poem on behalf of Dr. Hussein Abu al Sa'awd about the roles of al imam al Hussein.

Many people asked questions about the meeting where Dr. Naseer al Khazragy answered them.
It is well to be mentioned that this encyclopedia contains 700 manuscripts. More than 77 parts completed with 60 sections in Arabic language. Some sections translated to other languages.
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