In preparation for the nomination and participation in international competition, the Women Institute of the Holy Quran organizes a Quranic contest in Hifdh [memorization].

In order to prepare Hafez of the Holy Quran and to nominate them to participate in international competitions, the Women Institute of the Holy Quran of the Islamic and Human Knowledge Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine organized a competition under the name: Al-Furqan for memorizing the Holy Quran [second preparatory competition] with the participation of a number of Quranic memorizers from various Quranic centers and institutions in Najaf Al-Ashraf in addition to students of the Women's Institute, under the supervision of a specialized jury and within the international standards in the establishment of such competitions.

The participants were divided into groups and their test lasted for three days. It took place in a great spiritual atmosphere, in which the voices of the contestants vibrated with the lights of the Quran. Each group according to their memorization, starting from three Juz' to the whole Holy Quran.
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