The Supreme Religious Authority has assigned its representative to travel to Basra to contribute to finding a solution to the water problem in it.

The representative of the Supreme Religious Authority; his eminence Sayed Ahmad al-Safi, stated to Al-Kafeel Global Network today that he has not declared anything official since his presence with the team of technical experts within the framework of contributing to solving the water problem in Basra.

Sayed al-Safi stated: "The supreme religious authority Sayed Ali al-Sistani, has entrusted us with a specific mission, which is to help the people in Basra to overcome their great plight on the water issue. And we continue day and night, to develop plans and solutions, whether immediate ones or for the future to overcome this problem, and we have practically begun implementing it as much as we can."

Adding: "We represent his eminence in this matter, not the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine. And there is no truth to what some social networking pages published. And we highlight that we do not have any page or channel on any of the social networking sites."

His eminence has left Najaf on September 2, 2018 accompanied by a delegation of technical experts on orders from the supreme religious authority to contribute to solving the water crisis that made Basra a disaster city.
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