Quran Institute Celebrating the Graduation of its Summer Session III

Celebration Ceremony
Graduation ceremony has been held Monday 25 Sha’ban 1433 – Jul. 16, 2012 celebrating the graduation of the third summer session of the student of the Quran Institute of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs in Al Abbas Holy Shrine.

The ceremony was held in Al Abbas Holy Shrine in attendance of many officials of Al Abbas Holy Shrine in addition to many figures. The graduates were 1500 students. The session held inside AL Abbas Holy Shrine and the Quran Institute in addition to some mosques in the Holy City of Karbala.

The ceremony opened with a recitation of the Holy Quran to be followed by the statement of the General Secretariat of AL Abbas Holy Shrine delivered by Sayed Adnan Al Musawi explaining the greatness of the Holy Quran, for it is the constitution of Islam, pointing out the significance of reciting the Holy Quran.
At the end of his word, Musawi showed his gratefulness to parents who sent their children to study.

After that acme the religious hymns about Imam Ali AS recited by the students, and also a play about how the believers to wait for our Messiah Imam Mahdi AS.

Then the statement of the mosques by Sa’ad Abdullah thanking the holy shrine for holding such gatherings to revive the thoughts of the Ahlulbayt AS.
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