Al-Kafeel Global Network reveals details of the expert team's technical effort sent by the Supreme Religious Authority to solve the drinking water crisis in Basra.

Eng. Diaa Majeed, one of the members of the delegation of experts, who accompanied the representative of the supreme religious authority; his eminence Sayed Ahmad al-Safi to follow up the subject of the waters of Basra, announced: "All praise be to God, we have started the first steps to provide water to Basra, as we signed a contract with one of the companied to install water pumpers in the Bad'ah water station, which is the main artery to provide RO water to the water stations of Basrah province."

Eng. Majeed added: "Once the delegation arrived to the province, a series of meetings with the relevant authorities were held, and then we went to the water station to develop the necessary and effective solutions, and after conducting a local detection of the station and its pumps under the field supervision of the representative of the supreme religious authority; Sayed Ahmad al-Safi, we have found that the station suffers from negligence and works under its producing capacity. Some stations were not working for very simple reasons, such as not replacing the filters. "

Explaining: "The solution was twofold: the increase of water releases from the feeding channel from the Bad'a channel, from 7 to 9 cubic meters, and in the coming days, it will be up to 10 cubic meters.

The second is to contract directly with one of the companies operating in Iraq in order to equip and install the 18 water pumps, some of which has arrived and the rest of the pumps will arrive successively. And in a short period, this station will operate at full capacity. Also, we conducted maintenance works to the existing pumps through the removal of silt and plant and replacing the old spare parts due to aging and salt calcification."

Indicating: "We also worked on the maintenance of the substations that feed from the Bad'a station through cleaning and switching pumps and supply them with the needed filters and raw materials to complete the work, and each station includes the channel for desalination and distribution to nearby residential areas."
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