Al Abbas Banner in Tehran Quran Meeting

The Booth
Thursday 28 of Shaban 1433- July 20, 2012 in Tehran the Hawza section in Holy Quran meeting opened, where "The holy Quran is the revival path" is the slogan of the meeting.

Ayat Allah, Sheik Murtadha al Mugtedaee and many Hawza lecturers opened the section, where the banner of al Abbas holy shrine was found.

The chairman of Hawza section in the fair, Sayed Hassan al Tayeb al Husseini announced "There are 40 booths in this section; publishing houses, Hawza parts, religious universities, religious and scientific CDs, and al Abbas holy shrine. The prophet, PBUH, said "You can be on the safe side if you stick to Quran and my household" Holy Quran is found, and to make balance we invited al Abbas holy shrine. We invited Maswma holy shrine to the former meeting".

Added "The participation of the holy shrine shows the great relation between Al Abbas holy shrine and the other intellectual and religious foundations".

Al Tayeb was so happy for the advanced level that the holy shrine reached especially the media side and Alkafeel global network.

It is well to be mentioned that the holy shrine of Abu al Fadl al Abbas shares many cultural, religious and other meetings and festivals, whether in Iraq or outside.
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