Opening the Holy Shrine Booth in Tehran Holy Quran Meeting The 20th

The Booth
Thursday 28 of Shaban 1433- July 20, 2012 in Tehran the Holy Quran meeting opened, under the framework known as "The holy Quran is the revival path".

The fair was opened from Monday 16 of July until 15 of August 2012. It opens from 5 pm-12 am and from 2 pm-12 am on Fridays.

The meeting will deal with; researches, showing the culture of the holy Quran, the household of the Prophet, al imam al Reda culture, prayers of al imam al Sajad, Nahj al Balagha, development of Human sciences, veil and chastity and other activities.

As a collaboration with al Mustafa university and Islamic culture and relations group, more than 50 countries share the meeting. Iraq and Lebanon are going to show their products for selling.
The chairman of the fair Hameed Mohamed announced "This fair established 19 years ago, this year it contains 40 sections with 10 booths. The fair established on area 3000 m2. More than 150 publishing houses share the meetings. Publishing houses from Iraq and Egypt share for the first time".

Radwan al Salami, the head of the holy shrine delegation announced to Alkafeel " The holy shrine shares for the first time in this meeting as guest of honor. The section of the holy shrine participates with; manuscripts of the holy Quran from the holy shrine museum related to al imam al Sajad. Also the holy shrine guide book is found which shows the levels that the holy shrine passed".

Al salami added "List of the activities of the holy shrine departments are shown; Quran institute guide, Alkafeel Radio guide, Al Jood festival book, the guide of Rabaee al Shahada, guide of checking unit and the guide of the holy shrine museum. As we as Sada al Rawdatain magazine, Ata'a al Shabab, and Ryad al Zahra magazines; moreover book about Shaban uprising".
Saying " Screens established to show the advanced levels that the holy shrine reached. Also there are 1000 CDs about Alkafeel network they are free".

It is well to be mentioned that the holy shrine of Abu al Fadl al Abbas shares many cultural, religious and other meetings and festivals, whether in Iraq or outside.
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