Work in Progress in Expansion Project

The Project
Engineering staff of the holy shrine of Abu al Fadl al Abbas is doing the best to complete the great expansion project. the work nowadays in the basement position in Alqami and Qibla gates of the holy shrine.

The chairman of engineering project department, Eng. Dhia M. al Sayegh announced to Alkafeel "We are working to complete electricity, conditioning, and other works, and the next step is marble".

Added " The work is in advanced levels, where the concrete works completed and the other works reached 60%. The basement in Alqami has been done. During Ramadan holy month we are going to open the hostel place as well as part number 14 which locates between Alqami and imam Ali al Hadi gates. The basement between imam Musa al Kazem and al imam al Hassan gates will be ready during Ramadan as well. More than 90% of expansion parts used to rest visitors in the former Mid-Shaban visitation".

Explained "The projects had been divided to 18 sections, the first 9 are the gates and the others are the parts or the places among the gates. The completed parts are the places among the gates. The gates may go on with former sizes or to be changed".

At the end al Sayegh said "There will be open dome for each gate, where gold and marvelous things will add to the gates. We started the work in imam Mohammed al Jawad gate, and the other gates will be ready soon".

It is well to be mentioned that this expansion will add more than 5800 M2, with three floors. The underground and the first floors to provide visitors services, as well as half of the second one, while the other half to be to the sections of the holy shrine. Advanced devices are provided the area.
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