The Holy Shrine Revives Tradition

Ramadan Nights
The holy shrine of Abu al Fadl al Abbas revives tradition, which stopped by the former regime of Saddam to provide tea for visitors in the holy shrine. The place of the tea platform is the northern side, where imam Mohammed al Jawad gate is found.

This type of Iraq tradition began in the middle of twentieth century, but after Shaban uprising Saddam regime stopped it. This service provides for visitors inside the holy shrine during Breakfast and Morning meal.

The tea meetings supply by secretary of the holy shrine with; tea, jugs, mugs and cups and everything be wanted in the meeting.

More than 60 Kg of sugar use daily, and sometimes reach 80 Kg. Sada (servants in the holy shrine) are the responsible in the platform, where many other people from outside the holy shrine share the service.

It is well to be mentioned that the holy shrine revives many traditiona in the holy city of Karbala, but many of them stopped by Saddam men.
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