The largest Encyclopedia project to document the Fatwa of the sacred defense reached advanced stage.

The project "The Encyclopaedia of the Holy Defense Fatwa", the largest documentary project adopted by the Intellectual and Cultural Affairs Department at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, reached advanced stages, after that the assigned staff has completed collecting the Encyclopaedia documents and writing almost 98 % of it. Al-Kafeel Global Network has witnessed the mechanism followed in this project according to the directives of the supervisory committee.

The project is established to document the efforts made of that the supreme religious authority; Sayed al-Sistani has issued his Fatwa of the sufficient duty of Defense, and its active impact to mobilize the Iraqi people to repel the attacks of the ISIL gangs on most of the Iraqi cities, contributing to strengthening the military, psychological and material capabilities of the fighters, enabling them to wage the battles until the victory of the will of truth over the forces of terrorism and misguidance.

The Encyclopaedia, which received the blessing of the supreme religious authority in Najaf, included more than twelve volumes, and each volume consists of a group of parts that document all the efforts that paved the path of victory by the Fatwa of the supreme religious authority.

The first volume, which included six parts, talks about the history of the extremist Takfiri movements, terrorist groups and Salafi movements.

The second volume speaks about the impact of the supreme religious authority and highlighted the national positions in three parts, from the period from 1914 to 2003.

The third volume: It came in three parts about the military repercussions after the year (2014) and the emergence of the fatwa of the sacred defense and highlighted the sermons in Friday.

The fourth volume: The efforts of the scientific hawza in Najaf included two parts, dealing with moral and preaching mobilization, and logistical support for the military, humanitarian and relief efforts and the martyrs of the scientific hawza of clerics and hawza students.

The fifth volume: The efforts of the holy shrines in Iraq.

The sixth volume: The media documentation and its global and Arab echoes.

The seventh volume: It was in two parts, the first part included the efforts of the Hussayni processions, and the second part included the efforts of civil and governmental institutions, entitled: the support of logistics and humanitarian people.

The eighth volume: talking about the convoys of martyrs of the fatwa and honoring their blood that made the victory of this country.

The ninth volume: under the title "the blessed fatwa in the eyes of researchers and writers", and is in two parts: The first including articles written about the fatwa, and the second is about the stories of the heroism of the fighters.

And the rest of the volumes document this important period of time from the history of Iraq and ending with a volume including historical testimonies and documentaries.
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