The Institute of Heritage of Prophets (peace be upon them) launches the mobile App "Haqeebat al-Za'er".

Coinciding with the month of sadness; the holy month of Muharram and the Arba'een of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), and in order to invest the field of electronic mobile applications and employ them in the right direction to serve the largest segment of society, and in keeping with the movement of the technological development in information technology, the institute of the heritage of the prophets (peace be upon them) for the e-Hawza studies in the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine launched an electronic application under the name (visitor's bag [Haqeebat al-Za'er]).
The app was launched in its first phase on Android-powered smartphones on the following link:
It is designed to provide everything the visitor might need for performing the Ziyarat of the holy shrines, and includes many windows that can be used easily, such as:
1 - Directory of the Hussayniya Councils: a service for the owners of processions and others to show the places and times of the Hussayniya Councils and other religious events to the general visitors.
With the possibility of:
(A) Declaration by (owners of processions or bodies) for a board or event with details of the event, city and time.
B - Display ads and search in several ways for the user, so that he can know the nearby councils.
C - a special interface in which a selection of infographics which gives brief information about the occasion.
D- Document the owners of the processions and the bodies by contacting them after they have created an account.
2 - The Ziyarat texts of the infallible Imams (peace be upon them) and the known supplications: This window provides the user service to read or listen to the supplications and Ziyarat that belong to the events.
3 - Center for the missing and lost: the service of the announcement of missing or lost to ease finding them during religious events or on other days.
4 - Guide to the way: Provide the user the service of guiding the visitor to the most important centers and services on the road (O Hussein),
With the possibility of:
A) Display the road with a graphical map showing all points of interest.
B) Calculate the distance and time required to reach any point the visitor intends.
5- Visitors' Hosting Guide:
Provide the user with free accommodation for visitors, or advertise places to host visitors for religious occasions and other days. With the possibility of:
A. Advertise a free hosting house, indicating the address, the capacity of the house, availability and other details.
The advertisement shall be published after the approval of the administration.
C - The front of the houses available for the residence of the visitor with the possibility to search by city or house capacity.
6 - Jurisprudence of the visitor: This window includes the presentation of jurisprudence questions and answers for the visitor according to topics.
With the possibility of sending a question (private or public), which will be answered by a specialized committee.
The Institute of the Heritage of the Prophets (Peace be upon them) of the e-Hawza studies of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has launched a series of applications on Android and iOS. To view or download,please click here.
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