Hilla City; Closing Al Imam Al Hassan Festival V

The Festival
Under the framework known as ( Al imam al Hassan is the light of the holy Quran and the guide path) People of Hilla established al imam al Hassan cultural festival V with collaboration of al imam al Hussein, al Abbas holy shrines and the Shiite council. This meeting opened on Friday 13 of Ramadan 1433, where representatives of the holy shrines and many people attended.

The meeting established at Marad al Shames (Return of the Sun) holy place. The festival dealt with researches, poetry, book fair and many other activities.

Deputy of intellectual and cultural department chairman, Sayed Aqeel al Yaseri announced to Alkafeel "The holy shrine sponsored the meeting for the second year. The first two meetings had been held in 1960s of the former century, sponsored by Ayat Allah Sayed Muhsen al Hakeem, but the circumstances of Iraq stopped holing such a great meetings. The last three meetings held each year".

Added "Sayed Ahmad al Safi, the general secretary al Abbas holy shrine, suggested to hold the meeting in three days, since it was only one day, so the former and this year the meetings held in three days. Many participators from Baghdad, Babylon, Diyala, Karbala, and An Najaf shared".

Explained "The first day dealt with opening ceremony, preparatory committee speech, the holy shrines speech and many poems. Quran meeting is the activity of the second day, where the Egyptian reader Mahmood al Khashit, Muezzin of lady Nafisa holy site attended the meeting. The third day dealt with researches. Sayed Mohammed Ali al Helw and many other researched from Babylon university lecturers provided".

Mr. Hadi Awath, member of preparatory committee announced "The top three of researches are Mr. Ala'a Ibrahim, Mr. Mohammed Abbas, and Sayed Ehmod Bahia researches. The papers dealt with al imam al Hassan life and his role in society. There will be award for the top papers in the next meetings. I wish more researchers share in the future".

It is well to be mentioned that this festival holds during the day of holy Ramadan on the occasion of al imam al Hassan birthday, where many visitors attend the meeting.
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