Representatives of religions and doctrines from around the world give their views on the conference of the holy shrines of Karbala in the United Nations headquarters in New York.

A group of intellectuals and academics with various religious and scientific orientations have given their opinions on the first international conference "Reclaiming the Intellectual Primacy and Promote Just, Peaceful and Inclusive Societies", sponsored by the General Secretaries of the holy shrines of Imam al-Hussayn and of al-Abbas (peace be upon both of them), in cooperation with the Imam Khoei Foundation and the Scientific Alliance for Research and Heritage, which was held in the United Nations Headquarter.

Among the opinions presented at the end of the research sessions of the conference and followed by the Al-Kafeel Global Network are:

-Sayed. Mahbub Mehdi from Al Baqi International Foundation in the USA: The conference was good in form and content, and we thank the holy shrines in Iraq and those who established it, which included within its research sessions a center of heritage and its protection. We suffer from neglect of our Islamic heritage and lack of interest in it. We have to care for it and introduce it to the world as this is our responsibility, and we call for the establishment of a conference similar to this in the Holy city of Karbala.

- Dr. Assad Haidar of the Islamic Society of North America: We salute you for your efforts in the establishment of this conference, which is different from its predecessors, and we hope that its outputs will be translated into reality and work to adopt them as they should.

- Professor Haydar Bahr al-Ulum is a practicing civic cleric in New York and owner of a religious institution: The conference in terms of organization and subtraction was of a high standard, but we need to implement its recommendations, not like other conferences that are based on the purely theoretical aspect. This is an important achievement, as this work can not be promoted by one institution. Rather, the efforts of all institutions must be combined because the issue is important and needs a serious work from everyone.

- Mr. Arif Asaria, Director of Nasimco Foundation in North America: I salute and bless this gathering, which was based on one of the most important elements in the work of institutions, especially the Islamic ones, namely love, respect, acceptance of the opinion of the other and the method of dialogue and meetings, as this breaks the artificial restraints to bring about peace, love and coexistence.

- Mr. Mustafa Al-Qazwini, Director of the Islamic Shia Center in the State of California: Good efforts were made by the holy shrines and the Imam Al-Khoei Foundation for the establishment of this conference and the gathering which aims to shed light on a very important point of restoring Islamic leadership. Islam is for peace, understanding and harmony between religions. And as institutions individuals, we should work with all our strength and means to improve the image of Islam, and publicize its lofty principles.

- Sayed Waqar Shah, a researcher and activist of the Sufi sect and Imam of the Mosque of Shah Latif: The characteristic of this conference is the diversity between the people of religions and sects, and even members of the same community, and our presence here is an evidence for this. And it is good that Sufis are present is such gathering, and we thank the holy shrines and the Sayed al-Kho'ei Foundation for their invitation, as a Muslim community we see that we are divided and this is dangerous, and requires us to stand firmly and deal with this division and fragmentation on the one hand, on the other hand we need to be opened to the rest of the religions and focus on the joint bases.

-Sayed. Mohammed Radawi is an Islamic scholar and thinker from the Ja'fariyah Center in Toronto. The conference is good and we hope it is a starting point for future conferences that will complement it.

- Jacob Cohen (Jew): It is nice to be present at this conference to meet for the spread of peace called by the Islamic religion, which also calls for unity, which is the teachings brought by the prophets of God based on rules, such as the rule of you shall not kill, steal, lie, cheat, make adultery or else.

- Samuel Barwan (Jew): All religions have a common ground, and if we focus on them through these conferences or other means we can build peace and harmony among all human beings.

- American researcher Professor Paul Jaffy: It is very nice to see the establishment of such a conference sponsored by institutions that call for moderation, namely the holy shrines. From my point of view as an American, there is Islamophobia, prejudice, hatred and fear of Islam or Muslims, because of the lies that distorted its image. We must cultivate the seeds of peace called for by Islam, and if the results of these events can be applied on the ground and convey this message to the world, we have made progress in this area.

- Professor Mohammed Hussein, a researcher and thinker living in the USA: There is an urgent need to rebuild religious institutions and bridge their relationship with academic institutions, as it targets the youth base, and we hope that this conference achieves the goals for which it was held. And we are glad to meet good researchers from both institutions.

- Mr. Zuhair al-Hassan (presenter of programs in Radio Karbala): There should be a similar conference in Karbala and with a roader participation of all Sunni and Shiite religious authorities, in a larger, broader and more inclusive themes. And the holy shrines are able to do so, as their success in organizing this conference is a good proof of that.

- Professor Daisy Khan, director of an Islamic women's institution in New York State: There is no difference between Muslims, Sunnis or Shiites, as Quran addressed Muslims at the same level. And as Muslims we have all the responsibility to defend Islam in any place.

- Dr. Hassanein Walji, a member of the administration of the Scientific Alliance for Research and Heritage in New York State: Now the conference is over, congratulations to the organizers. And now the work started with the construction journey and correcting the Islamic path. What we need today is to widen the way forward. We need currently more cooperation than ever before, as moving the leadership of thought is the most important issue and we hope that this conference and meeting is not the last one.
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