Iwans in the Northern and Eastern Sides to Complete

Decorating and covering the second floor Iwans with kasha Karbalai, the staff of the holy shrine completed the first floor Iwans from the eastern and northern sides and the work still in the western and southern sides.

The chairman of engineering projects, Engineer Dhia M. al Sayegh announced to Alkafeel "The first step in reconstruction of Iwans is taking off the former kashi (tiles), then establishing the templates. Arcs with black and yellow colors provide as well".

Added "The same form has been used in both first and second floor Iwans. Electricity, cameras, sounds, alarm, and firefighting devices provided. Each three months 8 Iwans complete. This year we are going to complete the work".

Explained "Advanced machines have been used to produce Kashi Karbalai. Its smoothness looks like porcelain. Germanic gold has been used. The same shape and decoration used.

It is well to be mentioned that reconstruction of the 57 Iwans in each floor is a part of expansion of the holy shrine of Abu al Fadl al Abbas
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