Meeting in Karbala; The Anniversary Death Day of al Imam Ali

The procession
Depending on the saying of Allah (The one who respects the symbols of Allah shows his pity) and the saying of al imam al Sadiq (He who revives our path will be blessed by Allah) a procession of the holy shrines of al imam al Hussein and al Abbas with many visitors met to revive the path of Ahl al Bayt, AS, on Friday afternoon 10 of August 2012.

The associates of al Abbas holy shrine moved toward al imam al Hussein holy shrine, passing the area between the holy shrines, where they met the staff of al Hussein holy shrine, and mourning meeting has been held with poem.

It is well be mentioning that the holy city of Karbala sees black colors in the faces of shops, supermarkets and buildings on the holy occasion, death day of al imam Ali, AS.
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