Newsletter of the Visitors of the Arba'een 1440 AH: The visitors, walking from the southern provinces towards Karbala, arrived to Diwaniyah.

Over the past two days, the city of Diwaniyah has welcomed millions of pilgrims from the southern provinces of Karbala to renew the pledge of allegiance to their Master Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) and to extend their condolences to him on the Arba'een. The pilgrims are of different cultures, age groups and nationalities, young and old, men and women, blind, disabled, paralyzed...

The correspondent of the Al-Kafeel Global Network explained the following:

- Al-Muthanna province is almost empty of visitors, and it service processions have moved along with the visitors to provide their services along the road leading to Karbala, while other processions have ended their service and joined the march of Arba'een.

- Diwaniyah province is packed with visitors.

- The movement of the visitors was divided into two roads: One towards Najaf, for the visitors willing first to perform the Ziyarat of the Commander of the Faithful (peace be upon him), taking the main road linking to two provinces, or taking the secondary roads towards Karbala passing by the villages of Twayreej district. While the other visitors continue their march towards Babylon passing by the al-Qassem district towards Karbala.

- Most of the visitors are from the provinces of Nasiriyah and Muthanna, while others are from Mysan and Basra provinces.

- A group of Arab and foreign visitors have joined the march.

- Roads are witnessing great traffic momentum coinciding with the implementation of the security plan in Karbala and the nearby provinces.

- The processions of the Hussayni service are installed on all roads used by the visitors, and have harnessed all they can to get the honor to offer their free services of food, drinks, accommodation and treatment, etc.

- The Diwaniyah people have also opened their houses and Hussayniyat to accommodate the visitors and to offer them various services.

- The security forces and the popular mobilization are providing safe atmosphere to the visitors.

- The service departments of the province are harnessing all their efforts.

On the other hand, the visitors' caravans of the rest of provinces such as Wasit and Mysan, are continuing their march but through other roads to meet in the province of Babylon and then walk towards Karbala.
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