Newsletter of the Visitors of the Arba'een 1440 AH: Diwaniyah bid farewell to the visitors, and Hillah welcomes them.

The masses of pilgrims continue their march towards the castle of the freemen; the holy city of Karbala. No tiredness or boredom stop them as long as they have one goal; the honor of performing the Ziyarat of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) during the Arba'een.

The correspondent of the Al-Kafeel Global Network explained the following:

1- Diwaniyah city bid farewell to most of the visitors who are heading now to the area of Sybah, Talee'ah, and al-Qassem towards al-Hillah in the province of Babylon. Few numbers of the pilgrims in Diwanya will also do the same tomorrow. Most of them have had the honor to participate in offering their services to the visitors, and are looking forward to join to march.

2- Large numbers of visitors coming from Diwaniyah took some secondary roads to reach Najaf, in order to extend their condolences to the Commander of the Faithful (peace be upon him before heading towards Karbala.

3- Babylon province has also welcomed the visitors coming from Diwaniyah and from the two provinces of Mysan and Wasit.

4- The people of Hillah city has welcomed warmly the large numbers of visitors coming from the south and offered them all they can from food, accommodation and other services. Vowing that they will not leave al-Hillah towards Karbala unless the last visitor leaves the city.

Our correspondent has confirmed the great work carried out by the service processions along the Diwaniyah and Hillah roads, as well as the join cooperation between them and the security forces and the fractions of the popular mobilization.
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