Hawza Section Head; Great Sharing by the Holy Shrine

The Section
The participated section of the holy shrine in Tehran holy Quran fair provided many activities. There were more than daily 1000 visitors and 1500 visitors on Fridays.

The chairman of the section, Jasam al Saeedy announced to Alkafeel "Many visitors appreciated the great sharing of the holy shrine, as we as they were so happy for the advanced levels reached in all aspects".

Added "The blessing of Abu al Fadl al Abbas connected people with our products. Many activities have been provided; live broadcasting from the holy shrine, visit on behalf to al imam al Hussein and al Abbas with Two Raqa'a and Eftitah prayer. Visit on behalf to al imam Ali, AS, listed as well. the banner of the holy shrine showed in this holy meeting. The design of the section poster looks like the holy courtyard, so many people came to visit".

Sayed Hassan al Tayeb al Husseini, the chairman of Hawza section in the fair stated to Alkafeel "The section of Hawza gained great role in this fair due to Al Abbas holy shrine participation. Its great chance to know more information about the holy shrine. Many chairmen of shared section claimed that the best participation was al Abbas section".

Explained "Many religious, political, cultural, media figures from Iran visited the holy shrine section. They gained full information about the structure of the holy shrine and the projects which have been done.".

Delegations and religious and political figures, including Vice President of the Republic of Iran for parliamentary affairs and matters of operational and financial matters, as well as ministers of defense, culture and guidance, and intelligence; moreover cultural figures, academic and media from inside and outside Iran.
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