I am So Happy For The Holy Shrine Sharing; Vice President of the Republic of Iran

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The participated section of the holy shrine in Tehran Quran fair visited by Vice President of the Republic of Iran, Sayed Mohammed Reda M. Taj al Deen. He gained information about the activities provide by the booth in this holy meet.

Sayed Taj stated to Alkafeel "I am so happy for my visitation to this holy section. Cultural connection can be found if such a great section shares. Holy Quran and Ahl al Bayt represent the same right path (Here are two good paths, holy Quran and Ahl al Bayt) this is the saying of prophet Muhammed, PBUH".

Added "I've heard that the section of the holy shrine of Abu al Fadl al Abbas provide especial activities such as visit on behalf and information about the holy shrine, so I came".

It is well to be mentioned that the holy shrine shares many meetings, cultural and religious and so on, inside Iraq and outside.
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