The Holy Shrine; Graduation Ceremony

The Ceremony
Graduation ceremony for lecturers in the holy Quran has been held by holy shrine of Abu al Fadl al Abbas. These lecturers are from students and university lecturers. This session is a part of Alkafeel national band program.

The ceremony opened on Friday 15 August 1433 at 9 pm at the garden of al Seqa'a 1. Many associates of the holy shrine and religious figures attended.

The session was under the framework known as (Karbala is the city of thought and creativity) from 10 to 25 of Ramadan holy month 1433.

The meeting started with reciting lines of the holy Quran by Mustafa al Ghaliby. After that Sayed Adnan al Musawi read the speech of the general secretary of the holy shrine. He mentioned the great role of the holy Quran in life and hereafter, since all laws that lead the man life are established in proper way.

Also he added that the aim of the holy shrine is preparing people to lead others to the right path depending on Quran. Many students shared al Hassan session which sponsored by the holy shrine.

On behalf of participated students, Mohammed Dh. Hameed thanked the general secretary of al Abbas holy shrine and the preparatory committee to establish this great session.

Malek M. a student read a poem under the title "Wish we leave" then religious songs have been read by students Haider Ismael. At the end Certificates of appreciation for students and lecturers.

It is well mentioning that the band of Alkafeel sponsors by the holy shrine aiming to lead people to Ahl al Bayt, AS, path.
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