Establishing Al Eba'a Factory for Equipment of Agriculture

Sayed Ahmad al Safi, general secretary of al Abbas holy shrine established the cornerstone for equipments of agriculture al Eba'a factory to serve this field in Iraq as a whole and Karbala city in especial way. This factory considers from the investment steps that the holy shrine provides and the first in Iraq.

Chairman of the Board of Directors to Alkafeel Investment Company, which is related to the holy shrine, Sayed Fa'ez al Shehristany announced to Alkafeel "There is especial committee to see needs of people so as to serve them. The holy shrines aims to provide people with advanced things with cheap price".

Added "Eba'a factory established to provide best equipments for Iraqi people since Iraq depends on this field (agriculture). Equipment that the factory going to provide are eco-friendly. Also fertilizer nutrition, preventive materials and treatment will be found".

It is well to be mentioned that departments of the holy shrine established many projects after the fall of former regime of Saddam by Iraqi staff only. The money uses in projects funds from Shiite council with 80 % and the holy shrine provides the other 20%.
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