Al-'Ameed Educational Schools Group opens new school.

After the success of the al-'Ameed Educational Schools Group, the Department of Education and Higher Education at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine opened new schools to accommodate the large number of students, including a new building for the secondary school "Sayed al-Ma' [Master of water]" for boys, located in the Durra residential complex, commensurate with the numbers of its students.

The school principal, Mr. Muslim al-Ghanemi, said: "All praise to God, the secondary school of Sayed al-Ma' for boys has been transferred from its former location in Sanatir Street to its new location in Karbala Durra Complex. Explaining: The school has excellent specifications in terms of space and size of classrooms, which can accommodate a good number of students, and which were equipped with the educational equipment and tools, such as modern screens and smart boards, as well as laboratories for the subjects of biology, physics, chemistry and computer. The school has also a large field for the various sport activities that contribute to the development of the students’ skills."

Indicating that: "The school has provided air-conditioned school busses to facilitate the transport of the students from and to their homes."
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