The main points stated by the Supreme Religious Authority in the Friday sermon

The important points stated in the second sermon of Friday prayer of the 8th of Rabi' Awwal 1440 AH, corresponding to November 16, 2018, which was held in the holy shrine of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) and led by his eminence Sayed Ahmad al-Safi, were:

Brethren, among the words of wisdom of Imam al-Hassan al-'Askari (peace be upon him): “He who follows falsehood shall gain nothing but remorse,” we need to meditate on this short expression. The Imam (peace be upon him) is giving us an advice.

What is falsehood? Falsehood is all that is forbidden by the religion and the traditions for everybody, including the politicians, the tribes' chiefs, the university professors, the teachers, the doctors, the scientists and the ignorant.

The intersection's lights is an example of organizing life through laws, which is a positive thing that is emphasized by the religion. Therefore, we must all respect and adhere to these rules, if not, we will be committing an act of falsehood and injustice.

People have to stay away from falsehood regardless of his physical, moral, economic strength, because falsehood leads to remorse and unsafety and sometimes to total loss. People then have to be true, wise, prudent and accurate in their actions, to not be driven to hatred and shedding blood.

Nowadays, we hear about bloody fights taking place almost every day. Why bloodshed? What about mind? What about wisdom? Why do you do injustice?

Once they hear a rumor, they impetuously believe what’s said, and therefore, they are taken by bias toward their own tribes or people and accordingly do falsehood acts, causing injustice by hurting and killing others that one has an issue with has terrified innocent children, women, men, chiefs of tribes, and whole tribes. Some people – who do injustice – believe it is of manhood and courage to commit such acts. Woe to the man who wrongs and terrifies others!

While some people don’t normally fight or hurt others, but they get incited by instigators to fight others, and then inescapably live with remorse afterwards. They have to need to reconsider what they are doing and causing before it is too late.

We have to be wise and act in a way that won't let us regret. {And whoever has been given wisdom has certainly been given much good.} (2:269). We should act with wisdom without rush, as this will lead certainly to regret and remorse. The life's matters have to be organized by rules and laws to be respected by everyone.
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