Releasing the Mourning Procession of the Two Holy Shrine in the Anniversary of Demolishing the Baqee

With deep sorrow and to commemorate the demolition of the Tombs of Baqee, the procession of the two holy shrines released Monday 8 Shawal 1433 AH corresponding to August 27, 2012, which included officials and employees of the two holy shrines and a large gathering of visitors who flocked to the holy city of Karbala to offer condolences to Imam Hussein and his brother Abu Fadl Abbas, peace be upon them on this sad occasion.

The beginning, was a procession of Husseiniya Holy Shrine toward Al Abbas Holy Shrine courtyard between the two holy shrine and when they enter the holy shrine of Abu Fadl Abbas peace be upon him , they were met by the procession of Al Abbas Holy Shrine , to hold a mourning session and a poem.

During the march of the procession participants cheers gather on the need to demand the Saudi government to allow rebuilding the holy tombs of the pure imams in Baqi and appealed to all Muslims around the Islamic world to protest put pressure on Saudi Arabia in this direction to allow Muslims to rebuild the tombs of the imams.

It is stated that the holy shrines in Karbala release condolence processions in the occasions of the demise of the Ahl al-Bayt, (peace be upon them all) around the year and launched form imam Hussein Holy Shrine to Al Abbas Holy Shrine, or vice versa.
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