The main points stated by the supreme religious authority in the Friday sermon

The Supreme Religious Authority stated many important points in the second sermon of Friday prayer of the 15th of Rabi' Awwal 1440 AH corresponding to November 23, 2018 held in the holy shrine of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) and led by his eminence Sheikh Abd al-Mahdi al-Karbala'i:

The factors of the successful professional performance regardless of the job's title, are:

- Feeling the importance, sanctity and role of the work in the society and its development.

- Extracting the treasures of science that contribute to the development of society and preserving the dignity and pride of the society.

- The nature of laws, legislation and political system of the society: As long as the political regime is characterized by respect for the professional performance and is keen to enact legislation, laws and instructions that preserve the important role of the job performance in the community, as this will be reflected in the improvement of its functional activity.

The professional performance is then an important human principle that is related to other principles through which the person can protect his dignity and gains respect of others in the society. And Islam has urged a lot on working, on being active and having high spirit to perform the life's tasks. The Almighty has made the world for us so we should be active and work and perform our duties.

The first point and the main one: Whenever we feel that work has great impact in achieving these great goals, namely respecting our divine duty on earth, we are more motivated and we rush to perform our work with sincerity and accuracy, to be able to perform the entrusted task the best way possible. We need to have this feeling so we are away of laziness, laxity and neglect, which lead to the society's regression.

The second point: The intention and motivation of work for the believer must be seeking the satisfaction of God. Then the work is linked to a greater goal, and therefore the believer is more accurate, serious and sincere in the performance of his tasks as his main motivation is trying to achieve God's satisfaction and getting the reward, the blessings and the continuous success. And this would make him have more reward than someone who only perform worship acts, and lot more if the worshipper is a lazy person.

There are also other important motivation aspects such as the love of the homeland and the identity.

Third point: A society’s culture is typical of its successful professional performance components, as it is important to appreciate culture and love of work. Some successful societies have achieved top levels of development, advancement, welfare, and prosperity, although they are religiously unsubscribed, but such people deem work sanctified.

Therefore if the society’s education, family, occupation, and media establishments educate the members of the society on love and respect for work, they become successful and able to develop and prosper.

Among other elements of successful professional performance is to preserve the financial and functional responsibility from corruption and delinquency, negligence and default. Also, the ethics of the profession are very important, so one has to know and respect them, so he can perform his task along with the humanitarian service linked to it. These principles and ethics control how the public matters are managed for the best of all parties.
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