The First International Conference on Medical Sciences comes out with a number of recommendations.

The President of the al-'Ameed University of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine Dr. Jassem Al-Marzugui announced during his speech at the closing ceremony of the First International Conference on Medical Sciences held by the University under the auspices of the Iraqi Ministry of Education and Scientific Research for the period (25-26 November 2018) under the slogan: "Excellency and leadership in the medical sciences to move towards universality), the recommendations made by the Conference.

The recommendations announced by the Mr. Marzugui at the closing ceremony, which was held in the main hall of the al-'Ameed University on Monday morning 18th of Rabi' Awwal 1440H corresponding to November 26, 2018, were as follows:

  1. Adopting a scientific plan to support applied scientific research, particularly in relation to filling the national need for materials and products needed for the lives of citizens or research of high scientific value.
  2. Adopting a well-thought-out health plan for the proper disposal of the quantities of pharmaceutical waste in all health and educational institutions, and raising the awareness of workers in this field.

3 - Encouraging scientific research among young people to have great potential such as pharmaceutical manufacturing to find new drugs or alternative cost less and more effective.

4- Communicating scientific research through solving the health problems and publishing them in solid international journals.

5 - Urging teachers and researchers in Iraqi universities to keep abreast of the tremendous medical development in various medical branches to solve the problems of rare and intractable cases of different ages.

6- Awareness and focus on the natural and caesarean delivery in a timely manner following clinical calculation methods.

7- Rationalize the therapeutic use of antibiotics and develop plans for the follow-up and analysis of drug-resistant bacteria.

8- Activate the mechanism of cooperation between universities and health research institutions to serve the community.

9- As a result of the remarkable success of the Conference, it was recommended its continuation for subsequent years.
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