Finishing Central Air Conditioning Project of EL-Abbas Holy Shrine

one of the main pumps
The acting head (the engineer Dhya’a Majeed EL-Sai’gh) of the project department in the holy shrine of EL-Abbas talked to EL-Kefeel website about finishing the all works concerning with the central air-conditioning project of EL-Abbas holy vane and shrine, the project goes along with the rest works of the expansion project such as roofing the whole holy shrine.

He also said further; “this project is one of the series of the active and important projects that EL-Abbas holy shrine focused on achieving them in order to provide pilgrims the best convenience and services, and ambience that grant them great feelings. EL-Abbas holy shrine has made a contract with Qutor EL-Wadaq geometrical company to achieve this project. It is a specialized Iraqi company in the field of central air-conditioning, cooling and freezing storehouses, metal constructions, making electrical and electronic control boards supervised by the department of projects"

Engineer Dhya'a said; "one of the most important stages the project went through after the finishing the geometrical and constructional design of the project was the expansion and roofing the vane of EL-Abbas holy shrine, the work of designing the air-conditioning system started, one of the most important stages of the designing was the thermal loads of the project. The most modern and scientific ways in the world have been used to calculate this project”.

EL-Sai’gh said further; "after calculating the thermal loads, the size of the required machines and equipment have been defined according to that, they started making air-ducts, the size of the pipelines depend on the area should be air-conditioned, it must be taken into account that the air-ducts are suitable with the size of those machines and equipment designed for air-conditioning. After we have finished the sketches of air-conditioning, we compared them to the other civil and electrical work sketches in order to insure that they are not contradicting with them and the cooling systems and their accessories not affecting the Islamic building from inside and outside the holy shrine".

About the technical and architectural features of the air-conditioning systems, the in charge of the air-conditioning unit in EL-Abbas holy shrine clarified that; "this unit is held responsible for directive supervising the installation and assembling these systems." Engineer Furas Mohammed Salih said "air-conditioning system consists of many devices and equipment such as water cooling systems that function by air-cooling, with half-open spiral compressors that work on gas (HFC 13A), it also includes evaporators, in addition to parts of different techniques with the capacity of 3600 Tons and work on the same gas, these parts are made by CARRIER French company. Some of the air-ducts have been connected to duct heaters on the surface for heating in the winter, a developed control system has been adopted to control and watches all joints of the systems by a modern electronic system in a special control room (building automation system)". He also said; "the project has been supplied with impellers work completely according to the open air system horizontally with iron structure covered with from inside and outside with Gelovnayz iron metal and coated with Epoxy that made it high-durable of external climatic conditions, it is thermally insulated with 50mm in order to prevent vibrations to occur and not to transfer to the air-ducts. The factory is in Daikin, the International Italian company, it's been connected to a synchronous operating system for the water cooling systems that include (sensors of degree of temperature, pressure sensors, pressure reading transformers, electrical supplying board and connectors of electrical signal lights of pumps). All of these are made by Siemens the German company, in addition to materials connect these devices with each other, these materials are Ukrainian made. An air filter has been set inside the system of the air-ducts. All devices had been imported are made by international sound companies specialized in this field and all of these companies have a guarantee certificate by the manufacturers which is valid for no less than 18 months".

It's been mentioned that the engineering office at the Shiite Endowment Bureau appropriated sum of money required to achieve this project according to an estimative survey and schedule of pre-prepared Sums. Department of geometrical projects and air-conditioning unit of EL-Abbas holy shrine are supervising and following up supplying and achieving all items of work with the Iraqi company (the executive party) Qutor EL-Wadaq company.
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