Relief Committee of the Office of the Supreme Religious Authority provides emergency aid to families affected by the floods.

The role and work of the relief committee of the office of His Eminence, Sayed al-Sistani, is not limited to assisting displaced families, but it includes the assistance to other humanitarian cases, and this since the inception of the advisory opinion on the defense of Iraq and its sanctities.

Today, it is helping the families in the provinces of Iraq who were affected by the floods in the provinces of Mosul and Salahuddin.

Chairman of the Committee, Sayed. Shahid Al-Musawi, said to al-Kafeel Network: "After we were informed about the difficult humanitarian situation of the families affected by the recent wave of floods, especially in the villages in Salahuddin and Mosul provinces, the relief committee headed to them carrying relief supplies."

He added: "Our first stop was in Al-Sharqat district, where we have distributed in coordination with the relevant authorities (1000) food basket and (3000) blankets and mattresses for those affected by the rains in the villages of Al-Khadraniya and Al-Huriya. The dignitaries and some officials of the two villages have welcomed the commitee and expressed their gratitude to the supreme religious authority for the attention given to the citizens in times of adversity, and helping them in the days of displacement and now after the floods' crisis in these two villages."

Al-Musawi continued: "The second station was in the area of ​​Qayyarah in the province of Mosul, specifically in the camp of Al-Jadah 3, which was severely damaged by the floods that affected the camp and its residents. The committee provided them with the same supplies distributed to the families of Al-Sharqat from food baskets, blankets and mattresses. The committee was warmly welcomed and the people have expresses their thanks to the Supreme Religious Authority for this initiative, which reflects his parental attention towards all segments of the Iraqi people."
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