Ceremony of the al-Kafeel Hospital to celebrate 200 successful open heart surgeries

The Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine celebrated a medical achievement at the level of Iraq, which is the conduction of more than (200) open heart surgeries for young and old people, with very high success rates by an Iraqi, American and Turkish medical team during only two years.

A ceremony was organized by the hospital administration to celebrate this achievement in the presence of delegations and personalities represented many parties inside and outside Iraq. After the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, a short film about the most important medical and therapeutic activities carried out by the hospital staff, was displayed.

Then the hospital Director, Mohamad Aziz, presented a word in which he highlighted the high success rates of these surgeries exceeding the global rates.

Followed by a speech by the Turkish Ambassador to Iraq, Mr. Fatih Yıldız, in which he congratulated the Al-Kafeel Hospital for its impressive medical achievements even though it is a newly established hospital, but it is able to provide medical services with international standards.

Then Dr. William Novak, delivered the word of the American team who participated in performing a number of these surgeries, stating that they are working since almost two years in the special project of paediatric heart surgery in this hospital, performing more than 250 heart surgery operations. And emphasising that their work will continue in the coming period to build an Iraqi team capable of conducting independently such surgeries.

Then the Ambassador of Childhood in Iraq; the artist Hashem Salman also delivered a word in the name of the Iraqi Child Embassy to salute the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine for this great medical edifice, which provides the best medical services to the children in Iraq, without having to travel abroad to perform such surgeries.

The ceremony was concluded by a presentation of a promotion of the Cardiac Surgery Center in the Hospital and then the shields and certificates of appreciation were distributed to the medical staff who have contributed to this achievement.

It is noteworthy that a Turkish medical team at the Al-Kafeel Hospital has conducted more than 200 open heart surgeries for adults, with 100% success rate, and more than 250 open heart surgeries were conducted to children by an Iraqi-American team, with a success rate of 99,5 % for the minor and moderate cases and 92% for the complex cases.
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