Within the project of expanding the Abbas holy shrine

Achieving all works of assembling tents and glasses for ceiling, and beginning to assemble sprinklers to clean glasses

glass tents
The technical and geometrical personnel work on the project of expanding the holy shrine have achieved roofing the holy shrine and everything concerning with it; such as assembling glass tents structures and covering them with sheets of glass; type (sky-light), they have been used for open and movable areas of the ceiling in which they form about 40% of the whole ceiling. Said to the Kefeel network; the engineer Hameed Majeed, the manager of Ardh EL-Quds Company for construction contracts. this company is held responsible for designing, supervising achieving the project and dealing with all its civil works.

He also clarified that all the tents (37 tents) have been assembled and set up in no time, for more information, setting up the structure and covering the ceiling with glasses is a process needs high focusing and accurateness, it also includes setting up sheets of glass on the tents. He also mentioned covering the lower arches of the big and small gates, big structures of the main gate, small arches that are round the holy shrine with the same sheets of glass used for the tents type (sky-light) and according to the designs and sketches prepared for the project.

Also said; “after setting up the tents structures, glasses type (sky- light) have been set up on those structures in the capacity of being the most important parts for the glass tents, those glasses are set down on bearers made special for it and called (spider), so they have been set up technically and successfully without being moved in the future, and in order to move them when needed; they have been connected to electrical motors special for this process, the motors are 48 of two different types; one of them is to pull 4 Tons for single glass tents, and the other one is to pull a double-tent with the capacity of 8 Tons; and with hidden electrical wiring through movable pipes. These motors are made by DEMAG German company, these motors work in two systems; automatically and manually, so all the motors have been connected to a combined control room supplied with systems of movement, so it can open one tent or more at the same time if needed, in addition to the ability of moving it smoothly and manually”.

Engineer Dhya’ Majeed the acting head and the direct supervisor of the geometrical project department of the EL-Abbas holy shrine mentioned the best descriptions of the glasses; type (sky-light) and tents saying; “each sheet of glass is 3,8cm divided into 5 panes, within these panes: one jelly pane to protect it from getting broken or fragmentized and double-panes coated with a layer of Nano substance applied to the outer pane of the glasses in order to slide the sand grains away in sandstorms, glasses color is blue in order to reduce the sunlight and helps refract it and at the same time; it displays the beauty, splendor and color of the glasses when they reflect in the sunlight especially when they reflect sunlight to the floor and walls of the holy shrines. It also does light and give significant touch of light”.

He also said; “the panes, type (sky-light) are lightweight, easy to set up, unbreakable, very flexible, resistant to weather conditions, processed against ultra-violate, strong with special elements for thermal expansion and able to insulate heat and sound. Each tent within the glass weighs 3.5 tons. (Sky-light) they glass type is made by PMB Malaysian company for glass product, it is one of the firm companies and which is highly expert in glass work and glass tents, it also has achieved many similar projects in different countries all over the world”.

He said further; “The EL-Abbas holy shrine has requested roofing the holy shrine from Ardh EL-Quds company, it is an Iraqi company located in Kerbala, it deals with the architectural and constructional design. The EL-Abbas holy shrine held the company responsible for achieving all civil works concerning with the project beginning with casting concrete pillars round the shrine in addition to all electrical works, water system, fire extinguishing system, sound system, light system, surfacing works and some other sub-works related to the project and the contract agreed upon with the foreign companies to establish the iron structure of the glass tents in coordination with the EL-Abbas holy shrine. The project supervised by the geometrical project department”.
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