Nobel Quran institute holds a Quranic night ceremony, within the Quranic activities that the EL-Abbas holy shrine holds.

Quranic night ceremony
Starting with the speech of the prophet Mohammed (p.b.u.h), “everything has a jewel, and the jewel of Quran is the nice voice”. According to the directions of the EL-Abbas holy shrine concerning Quran activities, and in order to promulgate and root deeply the culture of Quran and Ahllulbait (p.b.u.t) in the society. The Noble Quran institute of the department of the intellectual and cultural affairs in the EL-Abbas holy shrine held a night ceremony for reciting Quran in the EL-Abbas holy shrine on Friday 19 Shawal month 1433 A.H. corresponding to September 7 2012. The night ceremony included several parts of reciting Quran performed by some reciters such as the international reciter doctor and Shaikh Faraj-Allah EL-Shathili, the Egyptian reciter Shaikh Ahmed Abdull-hai Abdul-Jaleel , the Iraqi Qur’anic organization director the reciter and the international arbitrator Mr. Rafi’ EL-Amiri and EL-Haj Amir EL-Kadhomi. These two Iraqi reciters are some of the best reciters ever recognized in the world in the Islamic and Qur’anic field.

The in charge of the institute Skaikh Mohammed EL-Salami mentioned, “These night ceremonies and some other Qur’anic activities that are held by the EL-Abbas holy shrine have a great and effective role to motivate, encourage and urge people towards learning and teaching Qur’an. All these activities done are within the plan that the holy shrine is following, in order to promulgate the Qur’anic culture and the original Mohammedian intellect in the society. Also, in order to be deep-rooted in the principals of Islam those have been very necessary and are needed by the society at this time. The EL-Abbas holy shrine holds many night ceremonies and courses for memorizing and reciting Noble Qur’an the whole year”.

Several prophetic and Ahllulbait (p.b.u.t) speeches and anthems were intervened in the ceremonies. Those speeches motivate and urge towards memorizing and interpreting Qur’an. But for anthems, they regard loving Ahllulbait (p.b.u.t), and their great positions. It is mentioned that the Noble Qur’an institute takes care of talented people, children and young. It also works on developing their skills to memorize Qur’an by heart, interpret it and recite it with insuring all facilities. It cooperates with the other Qur’anic foundations in order to exchange experiences, participate in competitions and interior/exterior festivals. Also, it works on preparing Qur’an informants and teachers by having them through many qualifying courses.
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