Al-Joud Company for Industry and Modern Agriculture produces a high quality mouthwash.

Al-Joud Company for Modern Industry and Agriculture Technology of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, has launched its new product, the high-quality mouthwash called "Refresh".

This product comes in view of the great importance of mouthwash in the world of dental protection, as it is considered one of the best defenses against bad breath and tooth decay. It has many benefits and is recommended by dentists.

The mouthwash produced by Al-Joud Company for the Industry and Modern Agriculture is a quality product. The materials used in its manufacture are medical and food products, and there are no chemicals in it. It is made with three flavors: strawberry, mint and peppermint flavor.

The official website of the company is: ( (

The product is sold at the direct sales outlets of the company in the province of Karbala and outside, and for inquiries please call the following number (07801930125) or (07801035422) or visit the Center of Direct sales of the company located face to the column 1145 on the road Karbala-Najaf.
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