The campaign for the free artificial limbs launched by the Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital.

Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine in collaboration with the Indian BMVSS organization, continues its humanitarian campaign for the providing artificial limbs free of charge to the wounded of the security forces, popular mobilization, victims of terrorism and people with special needs.

And according to the director of the hospital; Dr. Mohamad Aziz: "This initiative is one of the series of humanitarian initiatives adopted by the hospital since its inception. The first phases will include providing 600 prosthetic limbs for the wounded of the army, the security forces, the popular mobilization, the disabled and the victims of terrorist attacks of the civilians from various Iraqi provinces."

Dr. Salahuddin Ahmed, Director of BMVSS, added: "This is our first campaign in Iraq, and we are implementing it in cooperation with the Al-Kafeel Super Speciality Hospital. There are nine other campaigns to be carried out in Iraq in the coming period. We are happy with our work and our presence in this great medical edifice that contributed to the implementation of our campaign. "

As for the quality of prosthetic limbs, Eng. Hassanein Issa, who works at the hospital's prostheses center, said: "The artificial limbs we have manufactured are of two types: top and bottom, which are characterized by being lightweight and unbreakable. We manufacture 15 limbs daily, to be fitted to the registered beneficiaries, and we will continue to work until the completion of the number required within the campaign.

The beneficiaries of this campaign expressed their thanks and gratitude to the organizers of this campaign. we have met with one of them; Mr. Ahmed Samer, one of the injured people of the popular mobilization: "Hope is given to me back with this prosthetic, which will replace my body's missing part, after having suffered during the past period because of this disability. "

Another man; Dia' Salam said: "After losing one of my lower limbs in one of the terrorist attacks three years ago, I became helpless and stuck in the house. I could not meet my basic needs, because the installation of an artificial limb is expensive for me, and thanks to this prosthetic I can walk and move now."
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