Number of employees of the EL-Abbas holy shrine participate in a course of “soft skills” held by the EL-Hussein holy shrine.

the course
Number of employees participated in a course of “soft skills” held at Saied EL-Shuhada’ building, by the EL-Hussein holy shrine. And in cooperation with EL-Khaleej university in Oman.

This course focuses on developing the means of the best communications in dialogue language, and of how to pass on an idea softly to the others.

This element builds up the ways of communication in the society. The in charge of the department of human resources development in the EL-Hussein holy shrine, Mr. Muslim Muhsin Abood, “based on the concept of the verse which says “Go, both of you, to Pharaoh. Indeed, he has transgressed. And speak to him with gentle speech that perhaps he may be reminded or fear Allah”. And based on the Qur’anic method, the department of human resources development of the EL-Hussein holy shrine held a course for developing the employees’ soft skills in order to interact gently with the pothers. That course included employees from EL-Hussein and EL-Abbas holy shrines and the other holy shrines in Iraq”.

He also said, “the period of the course is 5 days starting on the 20th to 24th of Shawal monthe, corresponding to 8th to 13th of September” 2012. The total time would be 15 hours. Each day is 3 hours. The three hours divided into two parts, theoretically and practically. The course would be held at the conference hall of Saied EL-Shuhada’ service complex.”

He aso said further, “this course would be held in cooperation with the Shiite endowment bureau and EL-Khaleej university in Oman. A work team came from the university headed by the dean of the university, Professor Taqi Abd Erudha who prepared the lectures and programs at the light of the needs of the department”.

What worth mentioning is that it is provided to have limit number of students, because this course includes practicing in workshops which each one is divided into cells within a colloquium. A workshop can take only 8 persons headed by a supervisor. Debates and discussions take place during the colloquium. For this reason, the permissible number of individuals in this course is only 50 participants.

It’s also mentioned that the soft skills art is a branch of the science of human resources development which takes care of developing dialogue language. As well as there are skills if be obtained by a human, it will be easy for him to communicate with the others easily such as communication, cast proof or evidence against someone, support someone’s opinion or believe by evidently, logically and mentally. And this needs a special language called (art of soft skills).
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