Accelerated pace of work in the educational complex of the Al-Kafeel University in Najaf.

As a result of the progress of the work of the educational complex of the Al-Kafeel University in Najaf province, the work of the first stages has been completed according to the plans and timings prepared for it, thanks to the combined efforts of its implementation supervisors and the executing company, and also through the effort of the staff of the engineering maintenance department, as well as other departments at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine.

Eng. Diaa Majeed Al-Sa'egh briefed us on the work and what has been achieved. He said: "The work continues in the project of the al-Kafeel University. The first phase included three faculties: (pharmacy, dentistry and computers), on an area of ​​more than (1500) m2 for each faculty, on four floors, in accordance with the directives of the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research concerning the establishment of universities and private colleges. These faculties are provided with all their educational and administrative requirements, according to the design prepared for each college and its needs of classrooms, laboratories, libraries, meeting halls, administration and others, and that is in harmony with modern and advanced systems of electricity, telecommunications, cameras and others, in addition to large green spaces, streets and garages. Thank God, the work reached advanced completion rates: 80% in the Faculty of Pharmacy, 60% in the Faculty of Dentistry, and 40% in the College of computers. This project is scheduled to be completed early next year - God willing - and will enter service after the half-year holiday."

Al-Sa'egh said: "All buildings, whether faculties or buildings attached to them, are conform to the specifications agreed with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research."

Indicating: "The project will achieve several goals, including:

- Attracting Iraqi minds and working to benefit from them.

- Providing the appropriate climate for success as the programs are prepared according to the standards of international accreditation institutions.

- Creating jobs for the unemployed within the possibilities of this complex.

- Reducing the momentum in private and government universities.

- Keeping abreast of the scientific developments in the field of education, both theoretically and practically."
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