The al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad announced the settlement of its fighters' salaries.

The leadership of the Abbas (peace be upon him) fighting squad has announced the completion of the process of settling fully the salaries of its fighters and its leadership after exceptional efforts made by the cadres of the financial directorate in the popular mobilization, stressing that it intensified the necessary procedures in this regard to serve its fighters to speed handing over their salaries on a monthly basis.

The leadership of the squad stressed the need to prioritize recruitment in the popular mobilization to the heroic fighters who waged the previous battles, not to the new volunteers, confirming that it will follow the new appointments and invitations to register names.

The leadership also denied that it planned to register any fighters who joined it after the battles.

It should be noted that the al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad was the first brigades of the popular mobilization to call for the settlement of the salaries of its fighters and is subject to the controls and procedures of the Directorate of Finance, and on the other hand it has granted to members of the Directorate of Security of the popular mobilization the right to inspect and visit any of its units without the need to be notified in a move that would enable the regulatory bodies to perform their duties optimally.
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