The beginning of installing sprinklers on the glass tents and reaching advanced stages. Within the project of expanding and roofing the holy shrine.

one of the sprinklers
Technical and geometrical personnel have achieved advanced stages of installing sprinklers on the glass tents within the project of expanding and roofing the holy shrine. Roofing process included the open and movable areas in the ceiling, the areas that the project applied to is about half of the whole ceiling. Till now, 70% of the whole project has been achieved as the engineer Hameed Majeed, the managing director of Ardh EL-Quds Construction Company said to the EL-Kefeel website.

He also said, “the main purpose of installing these sprinklers is to keep glasses clean by operating them periodically or if needed”.

Engineer Hameed Majeed said, “Work mechanism of the sprinklers is that the sprinklers are provided with water pumps that pump water through the sprinklers automatically when needed. There are four water pumps distributed to the four corners of the holy shrine. Each of them works at 75 Amperes. Water draining process is done through small canals around the tent connected to pipes for draining cleaning and rain water”.

He said further, “these pipes made from copper in which one of their qualities is resistant to rusting and expanding, it is also characterized by being coefficient of friction for the internal surface. So that grants it endurance. But for the sprinklers are made from steel to insure un-blockage and non-rusting because of air conditions or in case of leaving it for a while without using”.

Also clarified, “after the completion of installing all sprinklers, we will coat the glass tent with a transparent glassy substance which we got by using Nanotechnology. This substance is a smooth layer in order to prevent any dust or drops of water to remain on the surface”.

Also mentioned that, “the EL-Abbas holy shrine had assigned the project to Ardh EL-Quds Construction Company, the company which operates in Kerbala’ province. Also, the company has been authorized to achieve all civil works concerning casting concrete pillars rounded the holy shrine, electricity, water network, extinguishing system, sound system, light system, wall covering and all sub-works relating to the project”.
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