The leadership of the al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad launches a demining initiative from Bartala and Ba'shiqa in the Nineveh Plain.

The leadership of the al-Abbas (peace be upon him) Fighting Squad launched an initiative to remove the mines left behind by the terrorist ISIL gangs in Bartala and Ba'shiqa districts in the Nineveh Plain, and the Squad's leadership pledged to introduce the Squad's engineering unit with SCAN JACK AB3500, which is the biggest mechanical mine clearing system in the world, to those areas.

The initiative came after the visit of the Squad leadership to the house of the martyr Hussein Abbas al-Shabaki in Bartala, one of the martyrs of the engineering unit in the 30th Brigade of Shabak popular mobilization, in response to the father's request to remove the mines laid by the terrorist ISIL gangs in the region. Then the leadership visited the police Center in the area to determine the location of mines.

It should be noted that convoys of relief and support conducted by the al-Abbas (peace be upon him) fighting squad under the auspices of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, were sent to Mosul, and the accompanying delegation has visited the Yazidis in Ba'shiqa and Ba'zani to provide them with necessary logistical and relief assistance.

The campaign delegation also visited a number of churches and met a number of Christian families to strengthen the relations between the various components of the Iraqi people and to express solidarity with those affected by the terrorist groups in those areas. About 200 vehicles were launched within the convoy of relief and support to Mosul province from several provinces in order to providing humanitarian and relief assistance to the Yezidis there.
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